TRIBE emerged from a passion for pole, performing and the Bristol pole community. Bristol and its glorious surrounding areas has such an immense and wonderfully diverse pole scene that we couldn’t resist bringing all of you beauties together in one banging event for you to showcase your spins, shapes and spectacular sass.

Pirouetting in Patchway? Join the TRIBE. Wildbirding in Weston-Super-Mare? Join the TRIBE. Orioning in Old Market? Join the TRIBE. TRIBE welcomes all abilities, all levels, all styles and all performance experience. Whether you want to perform for the first time; try out a new style; practise with a live audience for that upcoming competition; get a feeling of what it’s like to perform outside of your studio; or you simply need an excuse to try out those new heels! We want to squish the Bristol pole community even closer with our yummy love of each other’s creativity, talent and superfly stardom. We want to celebrate our TRIBE. Interested? Like and follow our page and keep an eye out for our updates. 

TRIBE - We are your people

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