So you're thinking about performing? Here are the deets:

Who: ANY poler from Bristol and the surrounding area.
Level: from beginner to professional.
Style: Contemporary, exotic, doubles, stripper style and all that’s in between.
Price: £10 per performance slot to be paid, if you are selected.
Date: as if you didn’t know! 25th April 2020.
Venue: Bristol Improv Theatre, Clifton.
Registration closes: 21st December 2019.
Other things we think you should know:

  • Our poles are stage poles and you will have two of them to work your magic with.

  • You will need to attend the dress and tech run through the weekend before.

  • We have 11 hot spots of performing up for grabs.

  • Our selection process will be very fair and transparent, our aim is to have a wide and varying range of styles and levels.  

  • Selection will take place in the new year and performers will be announced then. 

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